Atika Shukla

Background and Experience

Atika is passionate about empowering individuals to lead a more productive and fulfilling life. She acts as a facilitator to help her clients overcome obstacles, fears, inadequacies & help them break their barriers. 

By using the person-centered approach to therapy, she has actively counseled and supported over 5000+ clients, covering a wide range of issues such as marital, self-esteem, work stress, suicide, parenting issues, relationship issues, corporate stress and mental illness. Human behaviour fascinates Atika, and she has been a practitioner in the mental health field for the past 17+ years. For the past three years in Singapore, she has actively worked with the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) of international companies to be their employee’s mental health provider. She believes in supporting her clients with healing, finding purpose, and gaining hope and does this via understanding, acceptance, empathy, and clinically derived feedback.

Atika has a master’s in Counseling Psychology from Amity Institute of Behavioral & Allied Sciences, is a member of the Singapore Association of Counsellors and is trained in Gottman Couples therapy (Level 3).

One of her passions includes writing, especially to generate awareness about mental health issues and reduce the stigma attached to it. Her articles have been published in many mainstream Media Indian Publications such as Hindustan Life, Asian Age, NDTV Good times etc.

Therapeutic Approach

Atika uses a person centred approach by providing her clients a safe place for them to share, and explore their emotions, thoughts and behaviours. Her interest lies in Couples and relationship work and is trained in the Gottman Couples therapy (Level 3). She has supported couples through a number of issues like communication, conflict management, infidelity and adjusting to parenthood. She believes that having meaningful relationships contributes a great deal to our happiness and therefore, we bring our best selves to the workplace and community. 


Atika speaks English and Hindi. Having lived in India and Singapore she is culturally sensitive to all clients who have a diverse background. Her dream is to see people give the same importance and priority to their mental and emotional well-being as they do to their physical health. Hence, Atika takes up any opportunity to raise the awareness of the importance of mental health. She walks the talk and is trying her best to be an emotionally intelligent parent to her 8-year-old daughter.  In her free time, she enjoys exploring new places, meeting people, angel investing, reading and is a big Bollywood fan!