Kate Holt

Counsellor working with adults and adolescents.

Counsellor and Professional Coach working with adolescents, couples and adults. Masters in Counselling (Monash) Professional Coaching Levels 1-4. BA (Hons) Business Education (QTS). Kate is a qualified Teacher and Counsellor, a member of APACS (Association of Psychotherapists and Counsellors Singapore) and a fully qualified Life Coach with 100 hours plus Coaching experience. Kate has recently completed Gottman Relationship Therapy Levels 1 and 2 and will shortly begin working towards completing
Level 3.

Kate also offers affordable therapy at a rate of $170 per session.

Background & Experience

Kate qualified as a Teacher in the UK in 2000 and has taught at local and International Schools in the UK, NZ, HK and Singapore. Qualifying as a Counsellor in 2013 from Monash University, Kate went on to pursue Professional Coaching Qualifications finishing Level 4 in 2019.

Kate is a people focused person who is friendly, positive and caring. Experienced and qualified to work across the spectrum of individuals, couples and families, Kate offers a solution focused approach and primarily uses Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy in her work. An empathecic and compassionate counsellor dedicated to supporting individuals and couples on their journey towards emotional and mental well-being and living their best life.

Kate’s goal is to listen carefully to what you say and to hear what you don’t say, always aiming to offer a safe, non-judgemtal space and a confidential ear.

Kate has presented a number of Workshops including on Couples wellbeing and communication skills, Dealing with Stress and Communicating with Teenagers.

Working with Couples

Relationship therapy is an important part of Kate’s work as she firmly believes in assisting couples to navigate challenging situations and strengthen their connection to achieve a healthier and stronger relationship. Providing warm and empathetic listening and using evidence based interventions Kate endeavours to offer guidance in communication issues and areas of conflict as well as overall relationship dynamics. Kate aims to tailor and structure different therapy approaches using the Gottman ideology to help meet clients goals.

Working with Adults

Kate has recently spent a considerable amount of time Coaching and Counselling Adults. These sessions have largely focused on a number of issues, including work life balance, family life, working and living overseas, living away from family, empty nest syndrome, grief and relationships.

Working with Adolescents

Kate has worked in schools and kindergartens with children and adolescents for a number of years. A number of these students have faced
a variety of struggles including behavioural and emotional difficulties and issues within their home and family. Kate is experienced and confident in working with adolescents in schools from all socio- economic and cultural backgrounds.

Engaging a variety therapeutic techniques, empathy, and active listening, Kate collaborates with clients to develop personalised strategies and solutions for the challenges they are facing, enhancing self-awareness, and fostering resilience. Kate’s goal is to empower clients to navigate life’s obstacles, improve and strengthen relationships, and achieve greater clarity and fulfilment in life.


Kate is a mother of four children. With a sixteen year age gap between the eldest and the youngest, she has experienced the full spectrum including teenagers and toddlers at the same time! Kate has lived in Asia for over 19 years and grew up as an expat child; she endeavours to connect with Singapore’s more transient expat community, as well as the culturally diverse local community. Kate is a sporty and active person and enjoys travel. With a growing interest in meditation she is working on developing her skills and generally becoming more mindful!