Gottman Therapy in Singapore

Many factors can create stress within a relationship, including work, finances and breakdown of communication, amongst others.

At Us, we offer Gottman therapy here in Singapore, to help couples navigate complex emotions. 

Within therapy, couples can work through these together by expressing their emotions and frustrations in a safe and conducive environment allowing them to feel closer and create mutual respect between partners.

Couples therapy at Us uses the Gottman Method; the most researched and evidence-based therapeutic models for couples therapy. It is a short term, structured, goal-oriented, client-focused therapy. We aim to help couples achieve a breakthrough and resolve many issues within their relationships.

Couples who want to work through challenges and better understand each other, as well as work on maintaining a healthy long-term relationship, can benefit from this therapy.

How does it work?

Gottman Method therapy works on improving friendship, conflict management and creating shared meaning through thorough assessment of past and current issues. Therapy will start with 3 to 5 sessions for an initial assessment. This includes Individual sessions and questionnaires, after which our therapist will discuss a plan with the couple based on their goals. Sessions usually take place weekly and are around 60-90 minutes. Homework is a part of the process in order to practice the skills worked on in the session.

If you’re looking for Gottman Therapy in Singapore, look no further than Us! 

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