Children Counselling

Counselling for Children focuses on the child’s unique needs and issues. The clinician’s role is crucial in helping the child navigate various challenges, help them cope with stress, regulate emotions well and ensure a smoother overall development.

Child counselling tends to begin with creating a safe and trusting environment for the child, before moving on to use different techniques (such as cognitive behavioural therapy, activities, play therapy, art therapy, etc) to help them explore their emotions and develop coping skills. No matter what your child is going through or has gone through, counselling is there to ensure that the psychological distress they have felt is not left untreated, which could negatively impact their educational aspirations, developmental milestones, and cause delays/difficulties that persist into adulthood.

Child counselling is also very beneficial for developing communication skills, building self esteem, managing stress, improving academic performance and addressing behavioural issues. Importantly, a counsellor can help them make sense of themselves, and the world.