Teen Counselling

Teenage counselling is intended to help young people better understand their behaviours, thoughts and feelings, and involves using professional techniques to allow self-expression that helps teens accomplish their goals and make healthy decisions.

The clinician will do this by using different modalities based on what they think the individual will need, along with teaching them healthy coping mechanisms, how to manage emotions well during a wide range of situations and dive deeper into why they are feeling a certain way.

Adolescence is an important developmental phase, commonly leading to feeling lost, or needing guidance related to past, present or future concerns. Teenage years are an exciting time but is also a time where they face the most anxiety, depression and difficulties that they may not feel comfortable sharing with their family and social circle. Teenage counselling is a safe space for the adolescent to feel supported in the difficulties they are currently facing. This can be by helping them navigate complicated emotions or situations.

The clinician will also include a more holistic approach to helping the adolescent, through involving school and parents when necessary.