Schema Therapy

Schema Therapy involves identifying and modifying maladaptive patterns of behavior and beliefs shaped by early experiences and unmet emotional needs, and promoting self-compassion and healthy coping mechanisms.

This type of therapy has proved effective in people suffering from personality and mood disorders, in particular, borderline personality disorder.

People with these disorders may experience the following:

  • Starts to panic when someone they love leaves, or threatens to leave them.
  • Finds that no one truly understands them.
  • Often feel out of place even when they are in a room full of people they love.
  • Stop having hope that they will overcome their mental illness one day.
  • Find that no matter what achievements they have, they still feel dissatisfied and not good enough.

Schema therapy can help to identify unhealthy schemas and coping methods, and replace them with healthier patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviour. Our sessions aim to meet the core emotional needs of clients in healthy ways through the reparative relationship between them and their therapist, aka ‘Limited Reparenting’ process. The goal is for you to eventually have your emotional needs met both in and outside therapy.