Prenatal Therapy

Also known as antenatal therapy, is a specialised form of therapy, often with trained clinicians who are passionate about this stage of individuals life. Pregnancy can be an incredible period of a woman’s life but it can considerable difficulties – including adapting to being a parent, the physical challenges from pregnancy, the impact on the couples relationship, financial and emotional responsibilities of becoming a parent and the potential impact on career progression to name a few.

Having a safe, empathic, confidential and compassionate space to talk about the experiences of pregnancy and the impending impact of becoming a parent can be key in ensuring parents move into this key stage of their lives with more skill and mental wellbeing.

Topics that are usually covered are managing stress and anxiety, navigating challenges in body image and self esteem, challenging unhelpful narratives and expectations on parents, and learning to develop a compassionate perspective on their internal experiences. Additional prenatal therapy can work together with the couple to develop key relationship skills in communication and navigating effectively as a team which will help them embark in this life transition with more strengths and skills.

Seeking therapy at this key point, is a proactive step to helping set the scene for a more successful and emotionally satisfying journey ahead. Therapists can lean on cognitive behaviour therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy and art therapy for tools to help individuals live fuller and more meaningful lives.