Timothy Chew

Couples Therapist / Divorce Specialist / Co-Parenting

 Timothy is passionate about marital counselling to address conflicts and strengthen marriages. 

He uses Prepare/Enrich as the primary assessment tool and applies Gottman and EFCT methods as interventions. Timothy feels that grief and loss issues are under-attended and would use Dr Edmund Ng’s “TIME approach” and Dr Neimeyer’s “Meaning Reconstruction” to help clients move on more positively. 

 Timothy also believes in Dr Irvin Yalom’s Therapeutic Factors in group work. He has completed 10 runs of groupwork thus far: 6 runs of “Search for Life” to navigate through bottlenecks in life like guilt, shame, and blaming; 4 runs of “Family transitions Triple P” to help parents make a more positive adjustment through the challenges of separation or divorce. He has witnessed the power of interpersonal influence for change through these groups. 

 In the last 3 years, Timothy has applied Schema Therapy for clients who faced insurmountable obstacles to achieving their goals in life. 

These obstacles usually develop from childhood adverse experiences. Schema Therapy integrates brief Psychodynamic Therapy, Gestalt Chair Work, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Experiential techniques to help clients achieve breakthroughs and live more fulfilling lives.