Compassion Focussed Therapy (CFT)

Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) emphasizes cultivating a mindset of compassion for others and self-compassion as a way to help individuals overcome feelings of shame, self-criticism and self-judgment. It involves challenging negative self-talk and beliefs and developing skills in mindfulness, promoting psychological well-being. Compassion is an essential aspect of mental health.

CFT can be helpful to people who find it challenging to understand, feel, or express compassion, as therapy can be a safe place in which to discover any reasons behind this difficulty and explore methods of positive change. This type of therapy can also be effective at helping people manage distressing thoughts, behaviors, and feelings of any kind but may be particularly helpful when dealing with feelings associated with self-attack.

People who experience anxiety, depression, feelings of shame, are prone to self-criticism or self-injury or suffer from psychosis can use CFT as a way to develop new thought processes of love and compassion.

Compassionate mind training is a strategy used to help clients foster different aspects of compassion for themselves and others. Our therapists will work with you during sessions using exercises of appreciation, mindfulness and compassion-focused imagery. These exercises can stimulate the mind helping individuals develop non-judging and non-condemning attributes.