Should I do in person or online therapy?

Virtual vs. In-Person Therapy: Finding the Right Fit for You

Since the days of COVID, there has been a shift towards more online therapy or teletherapy. This change has resulted in great technological developments, including more availability of online platforms with mental health support and more clinicians offering online therapy. However, the question remains: is virtual therapy as effective as in-person therapy, and how do you determine which option is the right fit for you?

Virtual Therapy: The Pros and Cons

During COVID, people became more comfortable using virtual methods to connect. Online therapy became more popular throughout COVID and it has continued to be so afterwards.

One of the primary advantages of virtual therapy is convenience. It allows individuals to access therapy from the comfort of their homes, eliminating the need for travel and saving time. This can be very convenient for those who travel and have busy schedules. Those with mobility issues can access therapy more easily and from the comfort of their own home.

It has also allowed clients to find therapists from different towns and even countries, opening the variety of clinicians accessible to all. For some individuals, particularly those with some anxiety about starting therapy, online sessions feel less intimidating and could be a good stepping stone to therapy.

However, for some, connecting with another person is harder through a screen. Some individuals may find that there are fewer non verbal cues, and the inevitable technical issues may disrupt the flow of a session. For some, doing therapy from home or their office may not be private enough and they may not feel comfortable. This may be a strong factor in deciding to do in person instead of online, as being at ease during your session is paramount to the effectiveness of the work.

In-Person Therapy: The Strengths and Challenges

Even during COVID, where possible, people chose in-person therapy. It has long been the traditional model, and can result in a deeper connection, with non-verbal cues playing a significant role in communication. Being in a pace outside of the individuals home or work environment can result in a more relaxing and safe environment, such that meeting in person in a dedicated, safe space for the client, can help foster a sense of security and trust.

And yet, in-person therapy has its limitations. Individuals may struggle to find the right times or take enough time off work to get to appointments. Geographical constraints may pose challenges for some individuals. For others, the stigma associated with seeking mental health support can be a barrier, making it harder for some people to feel comfortable doing in-person therapy sessions.

Virtual or Online Therapy?

In balance, the decision between in-person and online therapy ultimately depends on individual preferences, needs, and circumstances. Individuals may thrive with the comfort of doing individual sessions online, feel the connection and impact of therapy and enjoy not having to rush between work and individual sessions. They may feel at was in their work space and enjoy the online relationship. And yet others may want to take time off work to go to a dedicated space, may find it better to connect face to face and may thrive from taking the time out of work and family to work on their therapeutic journey.

To make the right decision you need to take into account the following:

  • your lifestyle
  • how comfortable you feel with technology and connecting virtually versus in person
  • nature of the issues you’re dealing with. If you prioritize the convenience of virtual therapy, ensure you have a secure and private environment for sessions. On the other hand, if you feel a stronger connection through in-person interaction, explore therapists in your local area.

Many therapists are open to offering both virtual and in person. You can always have an open conversation with your therapist to discuss the options and try and see which one works and feels best to you.

If you are looking for virtual or in person therapy and need a helping hand, get in touch with our friendly therapists at Us Therapy Singapore and we will be more than happy to help!