Marathon Couples Therapy vs. Gottman Couples Therapy: What’s The Difference?

Many factors can create stress within a relationship, including work, finances, and breakdown of communication, amongst others. Understanding the different therapeutic approaches available can help couples navigate these challenges more effectively. Today, we explore the following questions:

What is Gottman Method Couples Therapy? 

What is Marathon Couples Therapy? 

What is the difference between the two? 

Let’s get in to it!

Gottman Method Couples Therapy

At Us, we offer Gottman Method Couples Therapy to help couples navigate complex emotions. This method allows couples to express their emotions and frustrations in a safe and conducive environment, fostering closeness and mutual respect. The Gottman Method is one of the most researched and evidence-based models for couples therapy, characterised by its short-term, structured, goal-oriented, and client-focused nature.

How Does Gottman Therapy Work?

Gottman Method therapy aims to improve friendship, manage conflict, and create shared meaning through a thorough assessment of past and current issues. Therapy typically begins with 3 to 5 sessions for an initial assessment, which includes individual sessions and questionnaires. Based on this assessment, our therapist will develop a tailored plan to meet the couple’s goals. Sessions are usually held weekly and last around 60-90 minutes, with homework assignments to reinforce skills learned in sessions.

Couples who wish to work through challenges, better understand each other, and maintain a healthy long-term relationship can greatly benefit from the Gottman Method. If you’re looking for Gottman Therapy in Singapore, look no further than Us! We offer a variety of relationship and marriage counselling services in Singapore, delivered by expertly trained and accredited clinicians.

Marathon Couples Therapy

Marathon Therapy is an intensive treatment modality designed for couples interested in repairing or enhancing their relationship with the support of a relationship expert over a few extended sessions of 4-6 hours. This approach offers several advantages over traditional therapy sessions.

Advantages of Marathon Therapy

Extended Sessions

Traditional therapy sessions are 50-120 minutes long, which can sometimes feel insufficient for addressing complex issues. Marathon therapy allows for more in-depth discussions and emotional reconnection within a single session.

Immediate Results

Rather than spreading sessions over months, couples can experience more immediate results, making it particularly beneficial for those with urgent relationship issues.


Marathon therapy accommodates couples with busy schedules who may find it difficult to commit to weekly sessions.

Long-Distance Couples

This approach is also ideal for long-distance couples who reside in different cities.

Does Marathon Therapy Work?

Preliminary research and therapist experiences suggest that marathon therapy can be more effective than traditional weekly sessions. Studies, such as those by Boegner & Zielenbach-Coenen (1984) and Babcock, Gottman, Ryan & Gottman (2013), indicate that intensive treatments within a short period yield better outcomes. The latter study found that a weekend relationship workshop focusing on friendship enhancement and conflict management maximizes positive outcomes for couples.

There is a growing body of research validating the efficacy of marathon therapy. If you are interested in learning more about Marathon Therapy for Couples, please see our list of practitioners below.

Both Gottman Method Couples Therapy and Marathon Couples Therapy offer unique benefits tailored to different needs. Whether you prefer a structured, evidence-based approach or an intensive, immersive experience, these therapies can provide the support and guidance needed to strengthen your relationship.