Meet Emma Waddington, The Founder of Us Therapy 

Emma is a mother, clinician, author, podcaster and founder! She loves all things psychology and mental health and is passionate about helping educate our community on how to support themselves and reduce mental health stigma. Emma believes that having access to mental health support is a right and that we should all be confident that when we reach out we will be getting the right support.

Emma’s background

Emma is half Spanish, half British and was an expat child. She lived in eight places before studying her degrees in London, UK. Emma has first hand experience of the complexities of moving and the impact it has on a sense of belonging and identity. One of the questions she used to hate most was ‘Where are you from?’ Which used to fill her with dread. Emma does recognise the incredible gifts travelling during her childhood has given her. She has an appreciation for different cultures, a passion for travel and an innate curiosity in understanding different world views.

Professional Qualifications

Emma trained in the UK. She got her PhD in Psychology in Swansea, in addition to two masters in research in psychology and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in UCL and London Metropolitan University respectively. She has been working and studying in the field of mental health for over 25 years.
Emma worked in London until 2013 when she moved to Singapore. In London she worked for six years – after graduating – in local hospitals and practices before moving into private practice in her last year. She also taught at two universities – UCL and was a visiting lecturer at Institute of Psychiatry in London.

Emma’s specialisms

Emma currently works with couples and with adults. She loves using Gottman Couples Therapy Model to support and enrich couples lives. Emma also works with adults helping them live fuller more meaningful lives.

Founding Us Therapy

Founding Us has been a labour of love. The name Us came about after thinking carefully about what Emma wanted the organisation to stand for. She realised that ultimately the most important pieces in the work she does is the relationship. Be it the relationship with the client, the relationship with the client and their own community or Emma’s relationship with clinicians and the outside community. So the name Us was born.
Us, the specialist psychology clinic in Singapore has a mission to increase the sense of community and compassion amongst all. The recognition that feeling a sense of belonging is key to mental health wellbeing. At Us, we are in it together – to support and be with each other. The second mission at Us is to help support the community to live better, fuller lives, through access to high quality mental health support, resources and knowledge.

Emma’s Values

Emma is passionate about increasing everyones understanding of how to live better and fuller lives. Knowledge is power and having the right information to support our wellbeing is paramount to living our best lives.