Us Therapy: Singapore’s First Health & Wellness Community

The founding of the Us Community

Founded in April 2023, the Us Community was created from the belief that no one should suffer in silence. Mental health is still one of the leading causes of death in the world. No one is immune to mental health struggles yet the stigma to accessing help remains strong. We are in it together to fight the stigma and reduce the barriers to reaching out for help. Our community is committed to devising and promoting mental health awareness campaigns as well as offering free resources to improve the mental health of people in Singapore and across Asia.

The Us Community is run by Dr.Emma Waddington – one of our own Senior Clinical Psychologists and the Founder of Us Therapy. She is supported by a team of other caring and committed therapists, helping to deliver on her initial founding vision. This work includes providing a range of services within the clinic, including free mental health check-ins.

Us Therapy also believes that cost should not be a barrier to mental health support, which is why our services are offered at many price points – helping as many people in Singapore as possible lead full and fulfilling lives.

What we do

We provide non-judgemental and compassionate mental health support in Singapore. We’re here to support the 1 in 3 teenagers suffering from depression, and help the 55% of Singapore residents suffering from extreme stress, develop coping strategies to help deal with it (Source,, April 2023).

Us Therapy offers therapy for everyone in Singapore including adults, teenagers and children. Services on offer include individual therapies such as psychotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy as well as couples counselling, marriage and relationship support. Alternative and creative therapies are also available with options such as hypnotherapy, art and play therapy for children.

In addition to our therapy services, we also provide one-on-one psychological assessments and help our corporate clients with training, seminars and workshops. This includes assisting companies in building the infrastructure to support the mental health of their employees to help them thrive in their workplace in addition to managing crisis situations such as:

  • Personal Loss
  • Workplace Accidents
  • Dealing with Violent Actions and Terrorism
  • Natural Disasters

What makes Us different

Us Therapy is more than just a mental health clinic. We’re an accredited group of mental health campaigners devoted to solving one of the biggest issues in modern society. We strive to help everyone feel supported, whether that’s by supporting you, your family, someone you know; or by the work of the Us Community does raising awareness around mental health issues.

Us Therapy is dedicated to supporting our community through raising awareness, by nurturing and investing in our clinicians and trainees to offer excellent lower cost options and by providing funding for mental health related projects. Us is committed to investing 10% of our revenue to community projects across the entire region of Asia, and to working with regional partners to strive to improve access to mental health support across the continent.

If you think you or someone you know, or even a company could benefit from what Us Therapy has to offer, then get in touch with us for some free, non-judgemental advice and support.

Reviewed by Dr.Emma Waddington, Senior Clinical Psychologists and the Founder of Us Therapy, in December 2023.

*All website content is reviewed by our team of accredited psychologists to ensure that statements are up to date.