Welcome to Us Therapy, Professional Psychologists in Singapore 

welcome to us therapy clinic, a group of professional psychologists in singapore

Welcome to Us!

Welcome to Us, a community, organisation and clinic offering excellent services to help foster wellbeing and emotional support to our clients, clinicians and community. Every clinician at Us shares in the vision to reduce mental health stigma and increase psychological support to our community.

Who are we?

We are a team of highly skilled and qualified psychologists in Singapore who offer tailored, evidence-based, and non-judgmental psychological support to individuals, families, couples, children, adolescents, and organisations. Our goal is to provide positive outcomes for our clients in a warm, safe and confidential environment. We’re committed to providing the best care for every individual, and always putting the needs and well-being of our clients, clinicians and community first.

What makes Us special

We are a multilingual, multi racial experienced community of clinicians. We are all certified by our respective boards and have a minimum of five years clinical experience.

We have excellent internal training and supervision and we are motivated by more than financial gain. We want to create a community where our needs are nurtured and met and there isn’t a stigma for reaching out for help and care.

Our therapists and counsellors

We have a team of over twenty therapists – counsellor and psychologists who specialise in supporting children, teenagers, adults and couples. We are all passionate and hard working and want to make a difference to our clients lives.

Join Us

Do reach out to us if you have any questions or want support for yourself or your family member. A warm and friendly member of our team will be able to help you along the way.

By Emma Waddington, Founder of Us Therapy, Reviewed in December 2023