Men’s International Day

Today is Men’s International Day

All this week we’ve been focusing on Men’s Mental Health, our therapist Veralyn specialising in Art Therapy has written the following on working with men.

‘I have been very fortunate to work with many male clients of various ages in my career as a psychotherapist. Men seeking support have often been overlooked until recently. The societal expectations that men should be stoic and strong can indeed hinder their willingness to seek assistance, making it crucial for helping professionals like myself to recognise and acknowledge their courage in seeking support and being open about their experiences. Breaking the stereotypes and fostering an environment where men feel heard, understood and supported in their mental health journeys is one of the many reasons why I love working with them.

It is important to understand the challenges men face in seeking help for mental health and a commitment to creating a safe and supportive environment for them. Creating a safe space for vulnerability without judgment also builds trust and encourages openness.I lean towards the Solution-Focused approach when working with men as it seems to align well with their preference for action-oriented strategies. Focusing on solutions rather than solely delving into the issue can empower individuals to actively address their challenges and move forward.’

By Veralyn Chan, Art Therapist