Global Care, Local Expertise! Our Multilingual Therapists in Singapore

Our multilingual therapists (all provide therapy in English):

Emma Waddington (Spanish, Italian and Portuguese)

Vanessa Yuan (Mandarin)

Karen Hurworth

Karin Reichmester (German, Portugese)

Henny Tan (Mandarin)

Dounia Crivelli (French)

Maheen Hamid (Urdu, French, and conversational Turkish) 

Ariel Ko (Cantonese)

Atika Shukla (Hindi)

We can provide therapy in the following languages:

English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Mandarin Chinese, French, German, Urdu, Turkish, Cantonese, Hindi

We are a multi-cultural and experienced team of professional clinicians in the hub of Singapore, where diversity is celebrated with many cultures that intertwine. We recognise the need for tailored and culturally sensitive mental health services for our community.

At the heart of our approach is the understanding that mental health is a universal concern that transcends cultural boundaries.

Why is being culturally sensitive so important?

Our experience of mental health issues is deeply influenced by our personal history, cultural background, language, and lifestyle. At Us, we recognise that our mental health is multifaceted and we offer inclusive support, through a team of multilingual therapists who possess not only professional expertise but also a profound personal understanding of the diverse cultural nuances that shape the lives of our clients. Most of our clinicians have lived in multiple countries, speak numerous languages and have personal experiences of the trials and tribulations of moving countries and adapting to new cultures.

Our team are fluent in a variety of languages, including English, Mandarin, Spanish, Italian, French, Urdu, German, Malay, Portuguese and Hindi, ensuring that individuals from various linguistic backgrounds can express themselves comfortably and freely and be fully understood. The importance of speaking the same language facilitates a deeper connection between therapist and client, fostering an environment of trust and empathy.

Our Multi-Cultural Team

Dr Emma Waddington

Having lived in eight countries, and being a self-confessed ‘Third Culture Kid’ Emma is intimately familiar with the emotional challenges of adapting and moving across communities.

She can offer therapy in English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese

Dr Vanessa Yuan

Having moved from HK to US and then to UK before arriving in Singapore, Vanessa is personally familiar with the complexities of moving and adapting to diverse communities and cultures.

She offers therapy in English and Mandarin.

Karen Hurworth

Having lived in Beijing, US, UK, Singapore and Geneva, Karen is very familiar with the challenges of living and raising children across the globe. Through this experience, Karen has learned that working with different communities is a passion of hers.

Dr Karin Reichmester

Originally Japanese and Brazilian but having grown up in Switzerland before moving to Singapore, Karin loves working with the multicultural richness of our community in Singapore.

Karin can offer therapy in German, Portuguese and English.

Henny Tan

Having lived abroad in UK and Australia whilst pursuing her education and training, Henny has first-hand experience and understands the challenges that come with adjusting to different countries and cultures. 

Henny can conduct therapy in both English and Mandarin.

Dounia Crivelli

Dounia is Swiss Moroccan with Italian origins.Having lived in Switzerland, Hong Kong, the UK and Singapore, Dounia loves meeting new people from different cultural backgrounds. 

Dounia offers therapy in English and French.

Maheen Hamid

Originally from Pakistan but having lived in nine countries, Maheen brings sensitivity and cultural awareness whilst connecting with individuals in different walks of life in a deeper and more meaningful manner.

Maheen offers therapy in four languages, English, Urdu, French and conversational Turkish.

Ariel Koh

Growing up in Canada with Hong Kong roots, Ariel had to bridge the gap between different cultural norms, values, and belief systems. This, along with her training, equips her with a unique and personal perspective on cultural differences and the diversity of human experience.

Ariel can offer therapy in English or Cantonese.

Atika Shukla

Having grown up in India, Atika is aware of the challenges of moving countries and adapting to new cultures and communities.

Atika offers therapy in Hindi and English.

Multicultural Training and Competence

The cultural richness in Singapore requires our team of experienced clinicians to regularly engage in training and conversations regarding cultural norms, values, and traditions of the diverse communities in Singapore. This cultural sensitivity enables our therapists to navigate the intricacies of each client’s unique background, fostering a safe space where individuals feel heard, validated, and respected.

Part of our training requires our clinicians to be familiar with the stigma that surrounds mental health across communities. In particular we find considerable stigma attached to seeking help. This stigma can be amplified in culturally diverse communities, where beliefs and attitudes towards mental health may differ. Our multilingual therapists not only break down language barriers but also work to destigmatize mental health within various cultural contexts. By understanding the cultural perspectives on mental health, our therapists can address concerns in a way that aligns with the individual’s beliefs, promoting a more accepting and open attitude towards seeking help.

Our dedication to inclusive, multicultural care with local expertise stands as a testament to our commitment to inclusivity and accessibility in mental health services. Our multilingual therapists are able to show empathy, understanding, and skill through linguistic proficiency, cultural sensitivity, and local expertise, we strive to make mental health support accessible to all, ensuring that no one feels isolated or unheard on their journey towards well-being.