Postnatal Therapy

Postnatal therapy, or otherwise known as post partum therapy, is done by therapists who are trained in the mental health support that is required for parents who have been through childbirth.

Parents or individuals who have been through childbirth may experience considerable emotional and psychological challenges that arise either from the pregnancy, birth or post partum experiences. It is critical that parents going through this process have a confidential, compassionate, empathic and safe space to discuss their feelings, concerns and experiences that are related to either birth or the experience of parenthood.

The postpartum period can be very complicated and can result in experiences of postpartum depression, anxiety, and the adjustment to the new roles and responsibilities that come with parenting. Postnatal therapy can help clients navigate these complex experiences with more ease and skill. Having a safe space to discuss the It serves as a valuable resource for couples, offering a platform to navigate relationship dynamics amidst the transformative experience of becoming parents.
Working with parents going through the postpartum period may involve conversations on self care and finding the right balance between parenting and looking after their own wellbeing. There may also be conversations around their body image and self esteem, developing acceptance and self compassion for the changes they are experiencing. Working on any experiences of trauma or grief that are also associate with the childbirth experiences are paramount to the future well-being of the individual.

Postnatal therapy can be a critical piece in support the individual through this pivotal phase of life. Often individuals go through this process without the support of extended family which can make the process very difficult and lonely. Having professional support during this period is a proactive step towards protecting the wellbeing, health and emotional state of the parents and the new addition to the family.